fredag 19 november 2010

White tie, waltz and shitloads of liquor tomorrow!

lördag 13 november 2010


Another great progressive rockband is Beardfish. It's a swedish band founded in the year 2000. Check them out!

Beardfish - The Hunter

Beardfish - South of the Border

Gentle Giant

The first band I'm going to present to you is Gentle Giant. Gentle Giant is absolutely one of my favourite bands, mainly because of their very unique sound I've yet to hear any other band make. A brief history;
Gentle Giant was founded out of the ashes of Simon Dupree and the Big Sound in 1970 in Great Britain. The brothers Ray, Phil and Derek Shulman got together with two other multi-instrumentalist, creating Gentle Giant. The members who were in the band when they broke up in 1980 were Kerry Minnear, Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman, Gary Green, John Weathers.The five multi-instrumental members of this band played a total of over 35 instruments! But enough history, let's hear it!

Gentle Giant - I Lost My Head

Gentle Giant - Pantagruel's Nativity

Gentle Giant - Talybont

Grand opening

One young man in the northern parts of Europe. An epic collection of prog.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. In this blog i will be posting the sweetest progressive music tracks from bands old and new aimed to both new aswell more experienced listeners of progressive music. The tracks will be in the genres of space rock, canterbury, avante-prog, zeuhl, psychedelic, eclectic, art-rock und so weiter...

I will be posting links to the music using Spotify and/or YouTube.
Spotify is a piece of software that lets you listen to over 10 million tracks for free. It kind of looks like iTunes, and when you type in, let's say "Genesis", you get all their albums and songs in a list, ready to play. It's totally awesome. If you do not have it, get it now. You can read more at

Also I will be posting all kinds of obscure bizarre things.

So hopefully, both you and I will discover new music and have fun with this blog.